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Here’s Why Poker Apps Are Ideal For Novice Players

December 17, 2020

Are you a novice poker player? Poker apps are ideal for novices for several reasons.

Less Hassle Yet Greater Availability 

Rather than have to physically go somewhere, which could involve miles and miles of travel and perhaps parking fees and overnight hotel stays that cost quite a bit, using a poker app involves no traveling. Meanwhile, poker sites are always “open” and available, compared to a physical cardroom that may be closed at the precise time you wish it were open.

More Game Selection

Poker apps offer a wider game selection than physical places where they’re limited by space and staffing constraints. It’s a lot easier to “change tables” online than it is when you’re at a casino, for example. Online, you can typically play games for lower limits since you’re not having to support dealers and/or help a casino or cardroom pay their rent and utilities.

The Right Pace

Best of all, most online poker apps offer free games so novices can learn the game without losing money if they don’t yet fully understand how the game works. There’s also less intimidation using an online poker app compared to sitting down with nine strangers in person where you’re the newbie. Online you get to choose if/when you use a chat box to interact with others. If you mention you’re new and ask for help, there’s usually someone online who is willing to give some free advice or guidance.

More Chances to Learn 

Finally, online poker apps allow you to see how the game works, try it out without much risk, and keep notes while you’re learning along the way. You can watch how certain players play and see who’s great and who’s not-- and learn from others’ mistakes. The more you observe, the more likely you’ll take note of how certain players play passively versus aggressively, for example. 

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