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How to Keep Focus When Playing Online Poker

November 18, 2020

During these pandemic times, when countless people are staying home, computer/phone/device games are more popular than ever. Online poker games help pass the time in an interesting way. Will you win? What kind of hand will you be dealt? Will you start a rivalry with another online player? Online poker is a fun way to entertain yourself during these Covid-19 days and nights.

Now sometimes poker games can go on longer than expected, and it might not always be easy to stay focused. Did you know that the average person has the ability to concentrate for about 30 to 60 minutes? Then they benefit from a brief break to essentially “reset” themselves, concentration-wise.

Build in Breaks 

When you play online poker and you feel like you need to take a break, then do so. Get away from the screen for a few minutes and go to the bathroom, get a snack or do some jumping jacks. Move your body to get your blood pumping and be sure to drink some water, too. You need to stay hydrated and alert. Sometimes people will drink energy drinks or sugary pop to get an energy boost. Keep in mind, though, that there’s usually a “crash” after the energetic burst wears off from those. 

No One Does Multiple Things at the Same Time Well 

No one likes to play a game if they’re distracted. With that in mind, find a place away from other people to play online poker. You don’t want a child constantly asking you questions while you’re trying to concentrate, or a spouse nagging you about chores. Go to a room where you can close the door and lock it, if needed, to get away from people who’d interrupt you and your game. Let them know you need some “me time” and they’re not allowed to disturb you. If you have any noisy distractions in the room, such as a TV or phone, turn them off so they don’t bother you.

Get a  Good Night’s Rest 

A lot of people like to play online games at night when other people in the house have gone to bed, so those people won’t disturb them. That said, if a person is dealing with insomnia or feels ill, that can interfere with their ability to concentrate. Sure, online poker might be a needed distraction, but the player may not be at their “best” decision-wise when they’re not feeling good. 

Mindset is Key 

Ideally, try to be in the right state of mind to play the game. Maybe you can use a certain song to pump you up before a game. You want to be sure you’re motivated and mentally focused when you’re playing online poker. 

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