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Things To Remember When Switching From Limit to No Limit Poker Online

March 7, 2021

Do you like playing no limit or limit poker online? How can you change your game up?

Keep in mind that whether you’re playing limit or no limit, the basic rules are the same. The difference, however, is how you bet as well as your strategy.

Take limit poker, for instance… You can only bet a set amount. With no limit, you can betany amount at any time as long as your bet doesn’t exceed your amount of chips.

It makes sense to have a different strategy when playing limit versus no limit poker. Think of these games this way: limit is about patience. No limit, however, is about aggression.

If you’re playing no limit and you have a weak hand, you can still make a big bet inorder to force your opponent out of the pot. Limit poker, however, doesn’t haveas many opportunities to do that sort of bluff.

If you’re playing limit poker, you hope your opponent misses the flop or misses their draw on the river. Limit games don’t involve a big risk to make a call. So,when it comes to strategy, try and limit the hands you play. Be patient in your limit play, especially if you have a good starting hand. Enter the pot with araise in order to try and eliminate other players who have marginal hands.

One of the advantages of no limit is that you get many opportunities to bluff, which helpsyou control the size of the pot and force opponents out with big bets. Youcan’t bluff all the time, but you can adopt a strategy of “controlled aggression” in order to win.

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