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Why All Forms of Online Poker Should Be Legalized

May 2, 2021

In the old days, you had to go to a physical building-- a casino-- in order to gamble and/or play casino games. But then came along the Internet, and nowadays, life has changed for so many people and so many industries. For instance, do you get a newspaper delivered in paper form to your house or do you go online and read the news? Similarly, more and more people would rather play online poker than to have to go to a physical building to play it. Online poker games are readily available, convenient, and fun.

The Status of Online Poker in America

Some states have legalized online games (including poker) complete with wagers, while others have not. Take Maryland, for instance. People can wager in person andonline on the outcome of a sporting event. Okay. But poker players are NOT ableto compete and wager online… yet. Why not legalize it?

Some states have legalized wagering on online poker games, and those states include New Jersey, Delaware, Nevada, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Many people believe more states should join this list. Poker “in person” has been the sortof game where people place their bets and use actual money to see who wins allthe money at the end of the game… so if this is the way it’s played in person, why can’t it be played for money online, too? We live in an online world these days-- computers and devices aren’t going away.

Poker is the kind of game that encourages players to make decisions in context where rules matter-- not privilege or bias. The bet is announced for all to see and know. The cards are revealed and there aren’t special exceptions. Poker helps people see opportunities and decide whether investments are wise or not.

Poker--online poker, specifically-- is a worthwhile, challenging game that should be able to include monetary wagering.

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