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MEssaging BSB Poker on Telegram

  1. 1

    Download the Telegram Messenger App.

    For more information about Telegram Messenger go to

  2. 2

    Launch the Telegram app and tap "Start Messaging."

  3. 3

    Enter your phone number, including the country code. On an iPhone, tap "Next," and on an Android, tap the blue arrow to continue.

    Telegram phone number prompt
  4. 4

    Telegram will send you a text message to verify the phone number belongs to you. Check your messages, then copy and enter the code into the app and tap "Next" or the blue arrow.

    Telegram account verification
  5. 5

    Fill out your first name, last name, and add a profile picture if you'd like. You don't have to enter your real name, or give a real picture of yourself. Tap "Next" or the blue arrow when you're done.

    PokerBros find club screen shot
  6. 6

    Now you are ready to send us a message. Click on the new message icon in the top right hand corner.

    Telegram compose message
  7. 7

    In the search field, enter "bsbpoker_admin" (searches are not case-sensitive) and click the BSB Admin account that pops up. Make sure you are messaging the account with the full tag "BSBPoker_Admin" and not another account. You can also click on this link:

    Telegram contact search
  8. 8

    Click the message field and ask us to accept your account. We will answer within seconds and you can start playing!

    Telegram chat screen