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What is a PokerBros Agent?

An agent on PokerBros is a middle-person between a player and a club. Agents generally have a way to reach a community of poker players. This could be through a social media page, YouTube channel, blog, hosting a private live poker game or even simply through playing frequently at a casino poker room.

Agents also have a relationship with a PokerBros club owner. The agent will bring players to a club and he and the owner will share responsibility for those players. The agent and club owner must trust each other to settle promptly for the agent's players' chips.

Do you need an agent to play on PokerBros?

This will depend on the club you are trying to play in. Some clubs will not take players without an agent and some will. For those clubs that do not work directly with players, you will need to find an agent to exchange chips. Generally this isn't a problem since you would find out about the club from an agent in the first place.

BSB Poker does not require players to work with agents. If you found us through our website, you are welcome to join the club directly.

Can anyone become a PokerBros agent?

This will also depend on the club you want to work with. Some clubs require agents to have a minimum number of players before working with them. And some clubs require agents to handle all chips for their players.

At the other end of the spectrum, some clubs will let agents refer any number of players and are willing to handle all chips for any player in the club. This relationship is more of a referral agent or affiliate than a true agent since the club does all the work once the player joins the club.

How do you become an agent with BSB Poker?

BSB Poker requires agents agents to have at least three active players besides themselves before they are eligible for an agency. BSB Poker is happy to handle all chips for their agents' players, thus letting agents share responsibility in a completely passive manner.

If you only have a friend or two that may to join BSB Poker, we have a different program for that outside of an agency.

Please contact us if you have anyone you'd like to refer to BSB Poker, if you think you may qualify for an agency or if you are an experienced agent looking for new clubs or unions.

Why don't agents have their own clubs?

There are a few reasons why an agent might not have his own club. The most common reason is that he doesn't have enough players to justify having a club. It is difficult to get a club going without at least 100 active players so agents with fewer than that generally seek to find an established club to work with.

Even if an agent has enough players to start a small club, he may not be able to that club in one of the bigger unions on PokerBros. Unions generally have limited space for clubs and thus requires clubs to be a certain size in order to join. Since many player enjoy playing in large unions, agents will often look to work with clubs that belong to big unions.

Why do club owners work with agents?

Clubs usually have a fair amount of their "own" players playing directly with the club. However, once a club exhausts in marketing resources, it will generally turn to agents in order to grow.

Some clubs have very few of their own players but are well-connected with unions. These clubs may bring in almost all their players through agents. The owners of these clubs play more of a simple administrative role overseeing the agents and don't deal with players directly.